Champions 4 Good

Our Champions 4 Good literally change the world with their generosity. Thanks to these incredible individuals and corporations, your acts of local Good become global currency, feeding people, freeing people, as well as providing clean water and clean air. The more you do, the more they give. We owe them our gratitude. Let’s show it by doing Good.

Our Current Champion 4 Good: The 1440 Foundation

1440 Foundation1440 Foundation’s mission is to support programs and best practices that cultivate authentic relationship skills in education, wellness and the workplace.

Our belief at 1440 is that it’s time to connect – with ourselves, with each other, and with our potential – and to live with the richness that we all have the power to choose.

When you look up “Champion 4 Good” in the dictionary, you find the 1440 Foundation logo. Weird! And, almost true. 1440 believes in supporting the people they call ‘Champions.’ They invest in like-minded leaders to help them realize their goals and passions. The crazy thing is that the folks at 1440 are themselves the biggest Champions we have ever had the pleasure to work and play alongside. Check out their site.

1440 people1440 begs the question – what are we doing with our daily ration of 1440 minutes?

They’ve spent 1,000s of their minutes helping create

We’re grateful.

And…we’re pretty sure they will ever so politely ask us to take this info down or change it before the site goes live.

But we want our friends and families to know about these Champions 4 Good!

They’re the Goodest. By far.