Community Guidelines

Welcome! AnonymousGood.orgsm  is a non-profit organization and viral community of people who are helping to change the world by doing acts of Good. If you’re thinking about joining us, read this. It is a legal document, but we’ll keep it simple. Any questions, email us via our Contact page.

Community Standards:

Like most sand boxes, our big rule is “play nice.” Here are ways to do that.

-       The Goods you post should be actual acts of Good that you have personally done, personally witnessed, or personally received. As much as we love inspiring stories from around the web, we prefer that the Good you’re reporting be something you have first-hand knowledge of. That said, if you see something amazing online that you think we should know about, please send us a link via our Contact page!

-      Let the anonymous remain anonymous! Our site is a platform for sharing acts of Good you’ve done, received and/or witnessed. But sometimes the other people involved in the acts of Good didn’t volunteer to be named. So let them remain anonymous. Also if you know the real name of someone who is using a pseudonym when reporting their own acts of Good, don’t out them. Lots of people prefer to let the acts speak for themselves. Good for them!

Another note on anonymity: in order to make this community truly inclusive, we’re building an a-political space. If you’ve done something Good that aligns with your political beliefs, we absolutely want you to share it on the site—we’d just like you to do it without naming any specific politicians or issues. The same is true for the businesses and organizations you’re supporting: Please share the Good you’ve done/witnessed/received, but focus on the act of Good, versus the specific recipient.

-       Give credit where credit is due (and desired). On the other hand, if you’re sharing someone else’s words, works, images or ideas, tell us. Go ahead, copy and quote to your heart’s content – just don’t plagiarize.

-       Check yourself. Preferably before you wreck yourself. The content on this site is moderated by a team of easy-going, Good-hearted people who do not want to be hall monitors. So just use common sense and keep out: vulgarity, profanity, politics, inflammatory language, racial or other prejudice-related slurs, degrading terms, trolling or any other weird, offensive or aggressive behavior. Not that you were thinking of doing that. In short, to quote our friends at Flickr, “Don’t be creepy.” (See? We cite our sources!)

-       Expect Good. We’re not posting Goods that identify something else as Bad. We are a site about inclusion. We don’t do “us & them.” Anything that creates an atmosphere that is politically charged, creates a feeling of division or puts anyone down will not be published. We’re expecting our community to be a safe, joyful, non-judgey and fun place that contributes to a movement of Good in the world. We figure that if you join in with the same expectation, all of our warnings and recommendations are moot.

-       Be excellent to each other. ‘Nuff  said.



Here at AnonymousGood.orgsm, we are looking for the  best of the best (of the best). Great news: we think you qualify, and we’re hoping you’ll join!

Now, it’s true that anyone with access to the web can view the content our community generates. (After all, we want everyone to get the benefits of witnessing all this Good!) But if you want to get involved, you’ll have to sign up for a user account.

Here’s some more Good news: It’s FREE to join! Our gift to you! (And to the world!) We built this fabulous website, and we want you to be here, so please sign up! We’ll ask you a few basic questions in the sign-up process, and we’ll ask you to choose a one-of-a-kind username or nickname to go by, but you don’t have to give up every intimate detail of your life. (Unless you want to. And then we ask you to consider the Community Guidelines before going too far…)

Even more Good news: we’ve made it REALLY easy to sign up! You can go through the process manually if you prefer to remain anonymous, OR you can log in using your Facebook or Twitter account!



We hoped the name would get this across, but just to be on the safe side: AnonymousGood.orgsm allows users to remain anonymous if they want to, and, as per the Community Guidelines, we encourage our users to respect each other’s anonymity. Although we do moderate the content on the site, removing things that are out of line with the Community Guidelines when needed, we are not helicopter parents and we will not remove accidental over-sharing that blows your cover, so keep that in mind. (A.K.A. Don’t post photos of your house if you don’t want people to know where you live, and other things we hope will be self-evident.)

You’ll be glad to know that we do not share personal details from our users’ profiles or sell lists of our members to anyone, because that would be tacky. We might sometimes share the data we have (like age, gender & geography) with our Champions 4 Good, Allies 4 Good and community, and we hope you’ll agree that that makes sense.

One last note on privacy: please keep in mind that the things you post are visible to the community AND the public. We do our best to protect our community, but there’s only so far we can go, so post with both eyes open! (Figuratively speaking!)