What’s this website all about?

AnonymousGood.orgsm is a virtual community, a responsive website and (soon to be) a mobile app. We’re a place for people to hang out and be inspired by sharing stories, photos and videos about the Good things they have done for others, the Good others have done for them or the Good they have witnessed others doing. We then take those acts of Good and get them sponsored so that a small, local act of Good can turn into a global act of compassion. Sponsor dollars feed people, free people from slavery, dig wells for clean water and plant trees for clean air.

How is AG different from any other do-Gooder website?

We know a lot of people out there in the world are doing Good, seeing Good and capturing Good. And we know “Good is the new black.” We love that and applaud it. But we wanted to take all that Good and turn it into an even bigger Good. We wanted to double down on the Good. That’s why Champions 4 Good are so important. We think your Good acts are a form of global currency – and our Champions 4 Good and Allies 4 Good agree. So you do something simple, like smile at a stranger, and we help get someone fed or plant a tree. It’s simple, elegant, easy and effective. What’s not to like?

What ELSE makes AnonymousGood.orgsm different?

Here at AnonymousGood.orgsm we nerd out on brain science.  So AnonymousGood.orgsm is built on some scientific facts.

gradual ag logo editBrain science reveals that a simple act of Good boomerangs back to the giver  by releasing the ‘feel Good’ neurotransmitter called serotonin in your brain. Serotonin feels like opium or heroin [minus the cost of rehab].



 The person you let cut in line at the grocery store [the receiver] also gets a rush of serotonin released in their brain.




AND… Remarkably, so does anyone who witnesses the act of Good.

So…the trick is to encourage continual acts of Good and to increase the number of witnesses so that everyone does better and feels better.

But the neuroscience lesson doesn’t end there.

When you go to our website and post a Good–you get ANOTHER hit of serotonin. So does anyone who reads your post. Think of it: every time you go to the site, post on the site and read what someone else did, you are going to feel Good – and so are the millions of others on the site.

And here’s another cool thing: People who are happy make better students and employees, they live longer and they even have better peripheral vision.Yep, happy people literally see more of their world. You get where we’re going – and that’s BEFORE any trees are planted, people are fed, slaves are freed or wells are dug.

Who’s behind AnonymousGood.orgsm?

Ummmm… who cares? Those of us who created AnonymousGood.orgsm are happy to remain anonymous. Because the truth is, it is not about us, it is about a whole community or tribe of Good-doers like you. So who is behind AnonymousGood.orgsm? You are.

Why is it called “Anonymous Good”?

Good question. First, the founders want to remain anonymous. Next, we thought that lots of people like to do Good things for others and “not get caught,” so we wanted to give them a place to go – and still use that Good to make bigger things happen. Third, often we see someone doing an act of Good and don’t know who they are. We didn’t want to stop you from telling us about the Good you see out there every day. And finally, and maybe the biggest reason, we liked the name more than any of the other names we could think of and chose it before we realized we would have to answer a bunch of questions about it.

How does it work?

Quite simply: each user can contribute to the site and submit a post. You can use your own name or remain anonymous. You can also post a Good that you have seen or that someone did for you. (Just remember if the other person wants to remain anonymous—let them.) See more on our “What? How’s This Work?” page HERE.

What is a “Challenge“?

At AnonymousGood.orgsm you can simply post Goods or you can create a Challenge and get your friends, school, church, biking club, book group or anyone else in your world to join you.

For example, it is your friend Sam’s birthday and Sam has everything. You create a Challenge tagged #Good4_SamsBirthday and get all of Sam’s other friends to do something Good in Sam’s name – like “100 acts of Good for Sam.” It can be anything. Sam’s friends feel Good, they might save some money, they do something cool that Sam can read and everyone knows that other big things are happening (trees, water…) just because you all did something to celebrate Sam. It is also a cool way to help someone who is sick, to do an act of Good in memory of a lost loved one, to give voice to your feelings in the wake of a tragedy – whatever you can dream up, you can do.

How did you pick your “Allies 4 Good“?

Glad you asked. A lot of us have spent a long time in the world of charity. We’ve seen that some charities- even really well-known ones- don’t necessarily do a stellar job of creating sustainable change. So, we spent a long time vetting the charities we chose to make sure your acts of Good and our Champions’ hard-earned dollars are being used well. We think in the realm of water, trees, slavery and hunger we have done a pretty great job of picking top and trusted players. You can and should check them out too.

Why did you pick these areas?

We picked water, air and food because they are so basic and so important and seemed like a Good place to start. We picked slavery because we have done a lot of work in that arena, and it seems that there really is nothing more fundamental than freedom. With Nearly 30 million slaves in the world (yes, seriously) we couldn’t do Good and not try to do something about that.

Why can’t the community pick the Allies 4 Good ourselves?

At some point the community may decide that there are areas that we should be supporting. We love that and are excited to get your feedback. But we will always pick the charities simply because we want to make sure they are independently vetted.

Who approves AnonymousGood.orgsm content?

We have a group of Good people checking through the stories. No one is here to monitor what you do or say as long as you are playing nice.  We love funny, irreverent, sincere and silly. If you do it, see it or had it done to you, you can post it – as long as no one is hurt, insulted or otherwise harassed. More important, we are counting on our tribe of Good to keep things cool. For more info check our Community Guidelines.

Does the site contain fake stories?

We hope not. How lame would it be to fake an act of Good? Plus, no hit of serotonin for you. We do our best to ensure all stories are real, but we can’t absolutely, positively guarantee that every one is.

Help! My name is showing, and I don’t want it to!

Never fear! You can’t change your username after registration, but it’s easy to change how your name displays. When you’re logged into the site, simply click on your name in the top-right of the screen. This will take you to your private user profile page. Here, you can enter any name you prefer in the Name or Nickname fields. Then, select the name you’d like to let the world see from the “Display name publicly as” menu and click the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page. You can click Anonymous Good in the top, left of the screen to get back to the site.

I submitted a Good, and it hasn’t shown up on the site yet. What’s going on?

Before you panic, and before you resubmit the Good a few more times, please check your email! If your Good was submitted successfully, you should have seen some kind of acknowledgement of it on the site, but you’ll definitely receive an email acknowledging that it’s been received and letting you know what to expect next. If you haven’t received this email, you should try submitting again, and if you have ongoing problems, please drop us a line!

My Good was never published, and I’m sure I did everything right. What gives?

Chances are that your Good didn’t adhere to our Community Guidelines. If this is the case, you should receive an email shortly confirming that. If you don’t see anything within 24 hours, please drop us a line!

I noticed a typo in my Good after it was published. Can I edit it?

Unfortunately, the current version of the site doesn’t allow for user edits to things that have already been published. Any time you’re having trouble, though, you can contact us for help, and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

I wanted my Good to be part of a specific Challenge, but it isn’t. What did I do wrong?

In order to make sure your Goods are associated with a specific Challenge, make sure you’re submitting them directly through that Challenge’s page. A failsafe you can add is a mention of the Challenge in your text, which our moderators should catch if you didn’t submit it through the Challenge page. And if one slips through the cracks, just drop us a line and let us know your name on the site and which Good you’d like assigned to which Challenge, and we should be able to fix it for you.

How Do I contact you?

You can email us via our Contact page.  A real person will write you back.