Anonymous Goods

My nephew, a Junior at Boulder High in Colorado chooses to sit everyday at lunch with the students from the “Special Education Classes” . The gamut at this table runs from students with slight social issues to the severely mentally and physically impaired. Since my nephew is bi-lingual , he makes it a point to converse in Spanish with one young Hispanic girl, who, in a wheel chair, is so physically challenged she must have an aid help her eat. When he first began speaking to her , her eyes widened and she gave a big smile. After a few days she mustered the words (in Spanish) to ask him …”if she could tell her Mom about him?”… Of course he said SURE! My nephew never even told his own Mom, my sister, that he was doing this every day. A few weeks later at a parent – teacher conference my sister attended , a shy young mother approached her. Relieved when she realized my sister spoke Spanish as well, she told her how thankful she was that my nephew sat and spoke with her daughter every day. She said …” The difference in my daughter now is amazing. She laughs, she smiles and she recounts the stories your son shares with her. She looks forward to going to school and getting ready in the morning to get her there is no longer a struggle.All this because one person, your son, chose to slow down and take the time to notice her and to share. Thank you for raising a boy with such kindness.” As you can imagine, my sister was at a loss for words…but not for tears.

I live in a condo complex in LA. The neighbors directly above me are a Muslim family of five from Iraq.On one side of me is an Israeli family with 3 kids. On the other side of me is an inter-racial family with 2 kids. While the adults don’t seem totally friendly with each other all the kids play hard and loud together in our mutual front yard. I feel so blessed to see all of the God-narratives co-existing in close proximity with no conflict. I love the fact that this arrangement didn’t even seem unusual to me until I had a visitor from Texas who pointed it out. I love the way a higher harmony finds Its way no matter what. I love this site and I love LA.

This is the picture of someone who walks their talk doing Good in the world. I met Claudia on skid row today. She came up out of the blue as we were listening to the amazing Agape choir and complimented me. It felt good! We began to talk. Claudia survived a stroke 2 years ago and believes she is still on this planet to spread love among folks who are homeless. Claudia has been on the streets for years. She’s good at spreading the love thing. I’m still smiling.

A young person in our neighborhood set up a “Little Library” in front of his (or her) house. I often pass when walking the dogs but have never met the creator of this little gem. Not long ago I stopped and borrowed a wonderful book , “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, by Garth Stein, which I love! To thank the “Librarian” I wrote a card and inserted $5 as a donation toward “Operating Costs” and left it along with 2 of my own books about dogs that I have gifted to the Little Library. Next time I passed there was a post it with a note thanking me. Such a creative and heartwarming idea and always gives me a smile when I go by.

On Fri, 2-28-14, it was my birthday and I didn’t want to spend it like most other people, or myself for that matter, by being selfish so I chose to be selfless. It had been raining very hard all morning and was to continue all night which gave me an idea. I grabbed scarves, blankets, jackets and ponchos from my house and closet…anything that I had not used in the last 6 months and drove to Venice Beach Boardwalk. Once there, I laid out all items with the letters F R E E in front of the clothing. I met many people that could use warm anything. One of the men took two jackets and a blanket but not before he offered me the jacket off his back because it had begun to rain and he wanted me to stay warm. I also had an hour conversation with a homeless gentleman named Coach and hung out with his puppy. You’ll notice a green scarf on Coach. It was an amazing way to spend my birthday. So thankful for the amazing life I have.

Supporting Jason’s challenge, here is my 93 year old mom giving one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen on her face in a long time. I think it’s because Jason quoted one of mom’s favorite people, Pete Seeger. I sang his words to her: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine,” and reminded my mother how she had taken me to Washington to oppose the Vietnam War with Pete when I was 10, and how we had worked with Pete to clean up the Hudson River, and how I used to fall asleep on her lap at many of Pete’s lawn concerts in Garrison, NY when I was very young. Mom’s dementia makes it hard for her to remember recently occurring events, but her older memories are there, and memories of her fondness for Pete Seeger and his influence on her life brought her joy. Thank you Jason!

We did a good without getting caught! YAY! My lovely husband noticed that the table next to us was celebrating an anniversary. It turns out the couple has been married 48 years.[Hard to imagine because they look  no  more than 40] Friends, a granddaughter and great-grandbaby were on hand to celebrate. We snuck out after my husband paid for their dinner without them knowing and left an card for the waitress to give them.. HOW FUN IS THIS? AG strikes again. Redondo Beach has its GOOD ON! [PS - I hope this photo is right side's always an adventure on this site.]