Anonymous Goods

i were out to dinner at our favorite local place when a great opportunity came along. I saw a woman struggling to open the door…when i opened it she was thankful because recent open heart surgery made it impossible for her to open the door to the restaurant by herself. Later we anonymously paid for her dinner. It felt DELICIOUS to be able to honor her during such a tough time in her life. Th next time we went to the restaurant we heard that she was over the moon with the surprise and couldnt stop talking about it…how lucky were we??????

A friend called me crying – She and her family were going to be without a place to live if they didn’t come up with the $2000 for a deposit on a place they finally found to rent. It took so long searching for a place- they could get that they had to live in a extended stay hotel (their landlord raised the rent so high they were forced to move) eating up the cash they needed… so I told her to meet me at the bank and pulled out the money for her so she could get the deposit in before losing the one place that they could afford, close to the area where she needs to keep her biz going and that would take them with their two beloved family pets.

A Thankful Post, inspired to post by a woman I admire greatly: Good news, I have a car and don’t need to take the bus. Not-so-good news, my air-conditioning went out. Good news, I have a Kia with a 10-year warranty. Not-so-good news, warranty doesn’t cover air-conditioning. Not-so good news, it’s going to cost me $500 dollars. Good news, I’ve been building my savings and can afford to get it fixed WITHOUT using a credit card. Good news, I have a nice comfortable chair to wait in and vacation time at work so I’m still getting paid. More good news, they have free Wi-fi, free popcorn and free bottled water. More good news, LIFE IS GOOD AND I AM FABULOUS! (And so are YOU!)

With the help of amazing individuals around the world, I raised the funds to teach art therapy in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. It was true blessing to paint with over 800 former child soldiers, recently freed slaves and children born in captivity! I am in awe of these beautiful souls who emerged from adversity, touched a paint brush for the first time in their lives and painted their voice of freedom!