Anonymous Goods

I visited a church today where the soloist — new to the choir — sang “Dance with my Father Again” for Father’s Day. She sang it beautifully but partway through, she was so moved by the words that she began crying and stopped singing. Everyone in the congregation was enthralled by her moving performance and we all held our breath to see if she would be able to continue singing. The lyrics were showing on a screen at the front of the sanctuary. After a beat or two, I began to sing the song softly for her, and when other people realized what I was doing, they began singing with me, supporting her while she moved through her feelings. After a few more beats, she began singing the song herself and was able to finish her performance beautifully. It was a truly moving moment for everyone — a group experience of anonymous good.

This is one of the hardest acts of good I’m working on right now: I love my boyfriend dearly and I don’t know the future of our relationship but I’m facing all of my own personal demons in order to give him the space and shift in the relationship that he requested and still keep my heart open and loving towards him. I am facing things I could have never faced before. In this act of love I am learning to love and embrace all parts of myself so to better equip me to be more available and loving not only for him but others as well. Love has inspired self love that will produce more manifestation of love to those who touch my life. Although he thinks he is hurting me; he is helping me. Thank you J.C.F.!

I have an expanded thought about the Good that this site provides me. Keeping balance and forward motion eat my time but simultaneously I feel an existential angst about the World Need. Prior to posting on this site I felt that my small acts of good were worthwhile-ish but didn’t really do much to relieve the Planetary Pain Body. That thought always zaps my energy and subtley weighs me down. I can actually feel it drag on my brain chemicals and dim my light. What this site has done for me is many-fold. It has shown me that my small acts of Good do matter, especially when combined with the overall group intention. This site has somewhat boosted my appraisal of how I am managing this incarnation because I realize now that I am a grateful cog in a beautiful wheel of humans striving to make a difference. Despite the usual time responsibilities, posting here has increased my energy to do more Good because I’m inspired. Plus its really a lot of fun to be in the Goodness Bubble. I also feel that this site lifts my spirits first thing in the morning because it’s delightful to read what everyone is doing and posting. It reassures me that magic is afoot and Goodness is, in fact, breaking out all over. The conceivers of this site caught a great idea and I’m really grateful to everyone working to make it happen. Peace and Blessings from the City of Angels.

An elderly woman was walking with a child that was misbehaving and hitting her. I asked if I could help and directly spoke to the child and let him know he should not be behaving that way. We walked together for several blocks and the child stopped misbehaving while I was there. She was crying and thanked me. I tried to encourage her and give her some jewels I’ve learned when working with difficult children. It reminded me that it truly does take a village to raise a child. As soon as he saw someone else was involved and she wasn’t alone….he was embarrassed and stopped misbehaving and hitting.

LLoyd 70th Bday from Bahari with Wishes fr India from peggy callahan on Vimeo.

Here is a video of an amazing good! This man has helped an entire village come out of modern day slavery to freedom. You can hear people who have recently come to freedom talk about what it means and wish the man who helped them a happy birthday. I was lucky enough to see the impact one person could have in life! This video was created by Tawney B — what a great bday present to one man who was honored to make a difference and learn from the villagers in India.

My husband Tom and I received a wonderful gift of charity when we were displaced due to a kitchen fire. We stayed at the only pet-friendly hotel in the area with our 2 cats and the American Red Cross was the only agency that could offer any benefit. When we went to the front desk to inquire about the extended-stay room rate charges, we were told that someone phoned the hotel and paid for the previous night stay. We didn’t even know someone could DO THAT ! We had told many people where we were staying, but we did not know that one generous person wanted that information so they could do this for us. It was a wonderful surprise. We were overwhelmed by the kindness of family & friends.