Anonymous Goods

One thing I’ve done, in an attempt to leave some good in people’s hearts, is I have made a website, in which people who are struggling can share their stories and show awareness to the subject they choose. Some topics cover eating disorders to depression to anxiety and bullying, and goes as deep as assault or attempts of taking their own life. I do this with a hope that after hearing and looking through some of these stories, people will stop judging one another and instead see that behind a smile or designer clothes, or tattoos and piercings, everyone has gone through something.

Anonymous good- About a month and a half ago my family were sitting outside, my parents were having a morning coffee and all the kids were outside playing in the grass. As the morning went on and time started to roll by a stray rottweiler was walking the game fence around our property. We as a family took the dog and went all trying to find who the owner was and contact the owner. By around three in the afternoon we had contacted the owner who turned out to be our neighbor, the owner came over and took the dog back.