Sample Challenges

Looking for ideas about content or formatting for your Challenge? A Challenge can be almost anything– as long as the idea is to rally folks around doing acts of Good. We recommend that when you “State your Challenge,” you make it super clear what inspired you, what you want them to do, and how you want them to post their Goods. Here are some samples:

It’s Wendy’s 31st birthday! Let’s celebrate the book-wormiest sister in history by donating children’s books in her name! Donate any children’s book to the library, school or charity of your choice. Take a picture of the book you’ve donated, and post the photo here with a note about the book you donated & where it went and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WENDY!

My best friend Luther is in physical therapy after a car accident, and his spirits could use a little lifting. Please join me in doing 100 acts of Good for Luther. Just do something Good for someone else, then share what you did in Luther’s name here.

Jorge Ramirez, my father and mentor, passed on recently. He loved animals, and I want to do something in his memory. I invite you to do something Good for animals – adopting a pet from a shelter, donating food to a shelter, making a contribution to a Zoo, etc. – and share it here in my father’s memory.

Mom just got her dream job! She’s packing up and moving to the Big City to be the CEO of the company she’s been with for the last 15 years. Help me celebrate the woman who now has EVERYTHING by doing an act of Good in her honor. You pick the Goods– just share them here with a “Congrats, Marty!” included! Way to go, Mom!!!

We’re getting married!!! We’ll be combining our well-stocked households, and we don’t need any dishes or sheets or the other things you might usually gift to newlyweds. We’re registering for Good instead! Please help us celebrate our new life together by doing something Good and sharing it here. We’d love it if you included a photo of your smiling selves while you do Good, and maybe your best wishes for the happy bride and groom???