Little Surprises Everywhere

Love Note 2

A woman in Leyland, Lancanshire, made it her mission to perform random acts of kindness in her community. She accomplishes this by leaving little envelopes around town, pinned to trees, in shops, taped to parking meters, etc. The envelopes contain a lottery scratch card, cash for parking, or money to pay for coffee. The woman insists on remaining anonymous – not even her husband knows about it! Her goal was to simply, “Spread the joy. Pay it forward. Do something…

Walking A Mile In Worn Shoes


Yaovi Amaglo, a high school senior in North Carolina, noticed that a classmate was being teased about his worn-out shoes. No stranger to being teased, Yaovi remembers being mocked in much the same way and bought himself a new pair of shoes. “But nobody knew what I did to get that pair of shoes,” Yaovi recalls. “I would cut my neighbors lawn and take out her trash and she would give me $20 which I save[d]… in order to buy that…

Solidarity Through Suspended Coffee


Naples is a city full of rich culture and deep tradition, including a practice of doing Good that became popular during World War II and is making a comeback in the turbulent economic times. Laura Cozzolino kept the tradition of suspended coffee, or caffé sospeso, in mind when she visited a local cafe recently. She ordered her usual espresso, and when the time came to pay her bill, she paid for two coffees, leaving the receipt for the second with…

There’s Always Time for Good…Even In The Cold


True kindness isn’t just about doing Good for other humans, but for all things, including animals. Kansas City knows that pretty well, since one of their own police officers was recently caught doing Good. A police officer on a motorcycle, who wishes to remain anonymous (we understand!), is considered a hero after reuniting two lost dogs with their owners. Another officer pulled up on the scene to find the cop sitting in the cold on the side of the road,…

Flower Power!


For the past eight months, Knox Flowers & Gifts and Montana Radio Company’s MIX 102.3 have been randomly delivering bouquets of flowers to people as a gift of Good. “The best time to get flowers is when you don’t expect them,” Beckie Peterson, general sales manager for 102.3, said. Five years ago she was given a cup of coffee as an act of Good then later she visited a flower shop. After putting the two together—an act of Good and a…

The (Haunted) House Of His Dreams


Twenty-six year-old Jacob Bailey made it his mission to build a haunted house in the parking lot of Southern Hills Hospital. He and a group of volunteers from Molasky Junior High School worked to get the haunted house up and running in time for Halloween—all with the goal of giving visitors a Good scare, and raising money to go towards further Good. All in all, it took eight months and a lot of work to build the haunted house of…

Buzzed on Coffee & Anonymous Acts of Good

7-Eleven coffee

The morning rush for coffee began early in Geneva, Illinois, at a local 7-Eleven store. At about 5:30am, an anonymous do-gooder paid $100 toward the coffee of those who would come after him. “The first customer came in,”Therese, the owner of the store, relayed. “I said, ‘Have a fabulous day. Your coffee has been bought by an anonymous person.’” The customer, however, handed Therese the $2 he’d intended to buy his coffee with and asked her to use it towards the…

One Balloon & Two Happy Hearts

AG_Happy balloon

A 3-year-old boy happily got a balloon at the Penn Township Fall Festival. He was playing with it when it got away from him and floated out of reach and into the sky. The young boy was so distraught at the loss of his balloon that his body shook and tears rolled down his face. His grandmother watched as nearby adults snickered and laughed at the major event in the child’s day. Then out from the crowd, a young girl, about…

Compassion Gives You Power

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.40.26 AM

As part of our Luc and the Lovingtons Goodness Tour content series, we are pleased to share with the Anonymous Good tribe a new video fresh from the road! Luc says, “Compassion gives you power. Compassion gives you energy.” And their compassion, power, and energy are certainly palpable, as you will see. For more about the tour and to support their Goodness Tour challenge, visit their challenge page by clicking here.     

Interview With Author Donna Jo Napoli

Donna Jo Napoli profile pic

Donna Jo Napoli is a prominent linguist and author of children’s fiction. Donna Jo, who received her B.A. (in Mathematics) and PhD (in Romance Languages) from Harvard University, has taught linguistics at Georgetown University and is currently a professor of linguistics at Swarthmore College. Donna Jo is known for her extensive work on behalf of the deaf community and was named the 2014 recipient of the Linguistics, Language, and the Public Award by the Linguistic Society of America. Anonymous Good…

Birthday Boy Gives Gift Of Good

pizza heart_AG image

People walking in or out of the Cape May County Social Services Building got quite the surprise recently. Waiting for them just outside was a great treat: free pizza and drinks! The reason? It was Stephen Morley’s 11th birthday, and he wanted to do something nice for others to celebrate. Stephen says he “got the idea from watching YouTube videos.” After seeing others helping people and making their days better, he knew he wanted to do something similar. So along…

Supernaw’s Serves Good (& Great Breakfast Burritos)

happy egg

It all started when a family contacted Supernaw’s BBQ on Facebook explaining that they’d lost everything to the Junction Fire in Oakhurst, California. They had no food, no home, and no clothes. Bret Supernaw knew he couldn’t solve everybody’s problems, but he could feed them, and that’s exactly what he did. Even with evacuation orders still in place for a lot of the town, Supernaw’s offered free breakfast burritos to all evacuees, displaced families, and fire service personnel. Other folks…

Check out how this Good Samaritan’s Act of Good made this grandmother’s day!

Good Samaritan pays layaway balance for Middletown grandmother

It’s easy to forget what’s important in the mad frenzy of the holidays, but one Good Samaritan’s act of good warmed our hearts and reminded us that the holidays are a reason to do more good, not an excuse to forget. What we love most about this story is that it’s a great reminder that one act of good, no matter how big or small for the doer, can have a huge impact on the recipient! Check out this excerpt, and…