Your Friend, The Owner


Ashley Jorin, owner of P.B. Jams in Oklahoma, noticed that someone had been diving through the dumpster outside of her restaurant, rummaging through the food containers. “I think we’ve all been in that position where we needed someone’s help and we just needed someone to extend that hand and if I can be that one person to extend that hand to another human being then I will definitely do it,” Ashley said. Taking action, Ashley hung a sign that read: “To…

Bundled Up & Brave


When baby Juliana Salvi’s parents first brought her home, they fed her milk, just as most parents would do. But unbeknownst to her parents, Juliana actually had galactosemia – a severe allergy to milk. Pretty soon it became clear that something wasn’t right. As a blizzard raged outside, lab technicians with the New England Newborn Screening Program decided to trek through the storm to get a sample of baby Juliana’s blood for testing. As soon as Juliana’s parents got a call from…

Conveyor Belt Kindness


Lisa Gallagher of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, set her groceries on the conveyor belt at a local grocery store then opened her purse to retrieve her debit card. By the time the cashier finished ringing up her items, Lisa had grown frantic. The checkout line was long, and Lisa still hadn’t found her debit card. As per the cashier’s guidance, Lisa decided to step aside till she found her card, and the cashier would complete the transaction when Lisa was ready….

A Cup Of Custard & The Kindness Of A Stranger


A little boy nervously approached the counter of an eatery in Katy, Texas, ready to order a mini mint oreo custard. The little boy handed Travis Sattler, the cashier, all the money he had. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. He was two whole dollars short. But Travis wasn’t about to let the boy go without his dessert. “It’s on me,” he said, pulling out his own credit card. “He had the biggest eyes,” Travis remembers, “the widest smile.” A mere half…

A Wonderful Girl & A Wish Come True

Taylor Swift Speak Now - Pittsburgh

Four year-old Jalene Salinas loves Taylor Swift. And as a young girl bravely battling brain cancer, she stated that her wish was to dance with Taylor to “Shake It Off.” When #ShakeItOffJalene started trending on Twitter, the signer took notice and had a 20 minute conversation with Jalene and Jalene’s mom over FaceTime. Though obviously in pain, nothing could mask the joy on Jalene’s lovely face when she saw Taylor Swift on the screen. “I’m so sorry you’re having a…

Delivering Kindness


Thomas Person has been a pizza delivery driver at his local Domino’s for the past five years, but now he’s got a new title to add to his resume: life-saver. It was a rainy night just before midnight, and most of the streets were empty in Charleston. Thomas was driving along his route to deliver some pizzas when he noticed something in the road—a 69-year-old man lying on the ground. “I parked my car in a way to block traffic….

Army Veteran Gives Goodness


Lauren Super was on her way to work one morning, but first she had to drop her daughter off at daycare. The wintery conditions meant the roads were icy, and Lauren felt her minivan start to slide. Pretty soon, it slid off the road altogether. “I was terrified as the vehicle careened down an embankment and came to a stop precariously in a yard full of trees. I was so grateful the van hadn’t overturned, but we were at such an angle that…

Little Surprises Everywhere

Love Note 2

A woman in Leyland, Lancanshire, made it her mission to perform random acts of kindness in her community. She accomplishes this by leaving little envelopes around town, pinned to trees, in shops, taped to parking meters, etc. The envelopes contain a lottery scratch card, cash for parking, or money to pay for coffee. The woman insists on remaining anonymous – not even her husband knows about it! Her goal was to simply, “Spread the joy. Pay it forward. Do something…

The Ties That Bind Us  


A young man rushed into a Target store in Raleigh just before his job interview at Chick-Fil-A. He was searching for a clip-on-tie but, alas, the store only carried regular ties and he didn’t know how to tie one. Employee Dennis Roberts stopped what he was doing and showed the young man not only how to tie a proper tie, but also helped him practice his handshake and reviewed through interview questions. “As the kid exited the store, a bunch…

A Tire & A Terrific Act Of Good


In Holland, Ohio, Cortney Bennett was having a bad day: “I almost got fired on the first day of my new job because my car wasn’t starting; after work I decided to go to Tireman,” she explained. When the mechanic told Cortney the repairs needed would cost $100, she walked out of the shop with tears in her eyes, knowing she couldn’t afford it. A police officer who had taken his department vehicle to the same shop for servicing, noted…

If You Are Cold, I’m Yours


Colorful scarves popped up everywhere on Peter Street in Orillia, Ontario, tied around trees and lampposts. A placard near the scarves read, “I’m not lost. If you are cold, I’m yours. I was put here for you to take!” Days later, the scarves were all gone, only to quickly be replaced with more, this time on Mississaga Street. The placard was a little different this time, but just as heartwarming: “Need a scarf…take a scarf! We have not been left…

Walking A Mile In Worn Shoes


Yaovi Amaglo, a high school senior in North Carolina, noticed that a classmate was being teased about his worn-out shoes. No stranger to being teased, Yaovi remembers being mocked in much the same way and bought himself a new pair of shoes. “But nobody knew what I did to get that pair of shoes,” Yaovi recalls. “I would cut my neighbors lawn and take out her trash and she would give me $20 which I save[d]… in order to buy that…

Solidarity Through Suspended Coffee


Naples is a city full of rich culture and deep tradition, including a practice of doing Good that became popular during World War II and is making a comeback in the turbulent economic times. Laura Cozzolino kept the tradition of suspended coffee, or caffé sospeso, in mind when she visited a local cafe recently. She ordered her usual espresso, and when the time came to pay her bill, she paid for two coffees, leaving the receipt for the second with…

There’s Always Time for Good…Even In The Cold


True kindness isn’t just about doing Good for other humans, but for all things, including animals. Kansas City knows that pretty well, since one of their own police officers was recently caught doing Good. A police officer on a motorcycle, who wishes to remain anonymous (we understand!), is considered a hero after reuniting two lost dogs with their owners. Another officer pulled up on the scene to find the cop sitting in the cold on the side of the road,…

Flower Power!


For the past eight months, Knox Flowers & Gifts and Montana Radio Company’s MIX 102.3 have been randomly delivering bouquets of flowers to people as a gift of Good. “The best time to get flowers is when you don’t expect them,” Beckie Peterson, general sales manager for 102.3, said. Five years ago she was given a cup of coffee as an act of Good then later she visited a flower shop. After putting the two together—an act of Good and a…

The (Haunted) House Of His Dreams


Twenty-six year-old Jacob Bailey made it his mission to build a haunted house in the parking lot of Southern Hills Hospital. He and a group of volunteers from Molasky Junior High School worked to get the haunted house up and running in time for Halloween—all with the goal of giving visitors a Good scare, and raising money to go towards further Good. All in all, it took eight months and a lot of work to build the haunted house of…