What? How does this work?

Glad you asked!

We’re AnonymousGood.org℠, a virtual tribe and would-be alchemists who gather around a website and (very soon a mobile app) to make the world better in real and measurable ways. We do that by taking everyday acts of Good and transforming them into global acts of change.

You probably saw the video (which is below, in case you missed it), read every last word we’ve written on the subject, and kicked around our site, but just in case you missed something or felt confused, here’s more info.

Every time you do an act of Good, see an act of Good or receive Good acts (from small, to great to Gandhi – level Goods) then post it on our site, we jump in and get the acts sponsored. Our Champions 4 Good, fund these acts and our Allies 4 Good feed people, plant trees, dig wells and help slaves to freedom. That means when you find a lost animal and post it – the world is better, not just for the owner of that cat, but for people here and around the world. Yep – it really is that simple. And it gets better!

Good is Great for You – and Yes, it is Brain Science.

Besides our interest in alchemy, we are also big geeks who love brain science.  Everything we do is either directly or loosely based on it.


Brain scientists who study happiness say that every time you do an act of Good, you get a drop of serotonin. That ‘s the feel-Good happy drug. The person you did Good for gets the same high too!  So does anyone who witnesses the act of Good. So at AnonymousGood.orgSM you have lots of chances to get happy. Here’s how it works – and here’s why our logo is our logo – (bonus!!)

gradual ag logo edit

First, your act of Good is just plain Good, and that makes you happy.




Then, when you post it on our website you get another happy hit ‘cause your brain is no Einstein. It doesn’t know the difference between doing an act and recalling that act.




On top of that, anyone you do Good for, feels Good, too. AND (because we are empathic creatures) anyone who sees or even reads about your act of Good gets all that Good serotonin too. Wow three hits in one!


Oh yeah, AND then you are changing the world.


Just How Much Are We Changing The World?

A lot.

By year 3, with 3,000,000 acts of Good at 50 cents per act, we will:

Feed 3,195,000 people

Free 1,257 slaves

Provide clean water to 17,952 people,

Plant 331,815 trees

* + at least 9m hits of serotonin means folks are feeling fine!

That’s why we say: Do Good. Feel Good. Change the World. 

Getting your Good on – Signing up

If you haven’t already, sign up for a user account.

1. Choose a Name or Use Your Own Name—its up to you.

2. Once you’ve signed up, you can choose how your username displays (whether you want a pseudonym – like Long Tall Sally – or your real name).

3. Decide if want a photo or symbol to appear to in the circle next to your posts. You can set these things up through your User Profile page once you’re signed up and logged in.

Spreading the Good

When you’re ready, start sharing the Good! You have a few choices here.

1.Post Goods individually

2. Post a Challenge to your group, whoever they are

3. Double down and do both.

  1. Posting an individual Good. When posting Goods, you can share things you’ve done, witnessed or received first-hand. It’s easy to include a photo or a link from a video you posted on YouTube.
  1. Creating a Challenge. Are you interested in pulling your friends, family, colleagues or community into doing LOTS of acts of Good with you? Try starting a Challenge! Challenges are our way of letting your tribe members inspire each other to do Good by the group. Like you want to get everyone you know to do acts of Good for a friend’s birthday, anniversary or graduation. Got a sick friend? Do acts of Good in his/her name, cheer them up and change the world. Your imagination is your only limit. After your Good is published we make it easy for you to invite all of your friends through your address book or social media. You can also use our widget to bring your challenge into your blog or website. Click here to start one now!

Doing Good – You get it up – we’ll keep it up

As we said, you can do individual Goods or group Challenges (or our preference –do it both ways). Just keep posting Goods and telling us the cool stuff you’re doing, and we’ll keep planting trees, digging wells, feeding and freeing people so that the virtuous cycle continues and the serotonin keeps flowing.  IS EVERYBODY HAPPY?

Other Ways to Share the Good

Oh yeah, if there’s something wonderful you heard about through the grapevine or found online that you think we should know about (but didn’t actually see or do yourself), we have a place for that too.  Share the Good out there through our Contact page!

Have more questions?

Anything else?

OK! Ready? Set? Good!

Thanks to YOU – Good really is Great!


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